First Look At MiG Skat UCAV [Updated]

August 24th, 2007  

Topic: First Look At MiG Skat UCAV [Updated]

First Look At MiG Skat UCAV [Updated]

Alexey Komarov and Douglas Barrie/Moscow MiG today revealed a full-scale engineering mock-up of its unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) design, nicknamed Skat (Skate). Work on the low-observable design began over two years ago, and MiG will produce a flight worthy prototype within 24-months.
The MiG program is one of two competing designs that will be presented to the Russian Defense Ministry as a strike UCAV. Sukhoi is also understood to be working on a UCAV.
MiG unveiled the program during the Moscow air show, though only a few journalists were taken off the show site to a MiG facility at the Gromov flight test research institute.

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