Finnish Drinking

Finnish Drinking
December 7th, 2014  

Topic: Finnish Drinking

Finnish Drinking
Pekka and Jukka are sitting in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. They've been drinking for three days straight and they finally run out of booze.

Pekka says to his mate “Hey, go and look in the tool shed and see if there's anything to drink there.”

Jukka comes back with a bottle of methanol, and says “We could drink this, but we'll go blind!”

Pekka slowly looks around the cottage and out the window, and says “I think we've seen enough.”
December 7th, 2014  
A Swede was walking Down a street in Copenhagen with a duck under his arm.
"Where did you find that unsightly monkey?" a Dane asked.
"It happens to be a duck." claimed the Swede.
"Shut up, Swede! I am talking to the duck."

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