I finally got my Mosin Nagant! - Page 10

September 11th, 2006  
No problem, Mighty.
September 13th, 2006  
a fine comrade indeed
September 26th, 2006  
I will stick with a 1903 , thanks, but I love the design of the early 20th century rifles, every one of them, reflects their nation's creators, and are true witnesses to history.

February 5th, 2009  
very nice rifle
i own a 1943 manufatured 91/30
any idea of the year of manufature?
July 2nd, 2009  
If the guy in Oz hasn't found out yet, the 7.62X54R uses the same .311 bullet as the .303.
July 3rd, 2009  
nice rifle i wish i had one
July 13th, 2009  
I own a Russian also folks. Mine has matching numbers and close to mint. The stock has scratches from removing the bands on the barrel stock area.

M91/30 1939 and of course a 7.62x54R

If you have not handled one be sure you have money to buy one. I have talked with a few people and all of us saw touched and had to buy one.

I have not read back on this thread yet due to time, so I will leave comments to others in my head for now and not post them.
I found ammo at $89 a tin of 440 so I am happy to buy that.

I also bought a box of 20 hunting bullets 203 grain. I may be off on the grain they are not in front of me right now.

Oh ya bayonet mint also.

I just bought the handle change and they were out of the scope mounts so I am bummed.

If anyone knows where to get one PM me e-mail or post it. It is an item we should all have.
August 1st, 2009  
Very nice Russian rifle.
August 3rd, 2009  
Pronounce it like you see it I speak fluent Russian.
August 10th, 2009  
Proud Texan
I have a 1943 Tula 91/30 all matching parts, its really nice picked it up for about $130, great accuracy and groups at 100-200 yards. First time you shoot it you will feel the power lol, but after 2 range trips you should have a beaten up shoulder and should be resistant to it. and dont use a recoil pad shoot it like a man, if you cant get accuracy without it, your a wimp haha

good shooting