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January 14th, 2007  
First of all I don't see an Arms Race any time soon. The Chinese and Russians are still lagging behind the United States in terms of technological developments. What the Chinese is trying to do is, I keep saying this over and over again, is that they want to break the heavy reliance on Russian Military Equipment.

The J-10 in service are equipped with the Russian AL-31 turbofan engine indicating yet another weakness in the Chinese Aeronautical industry. The Chinese still do not have a powerful turbofan engine that can power both the J-11, J-10. Being well aware of this kind of problem, the WS-10A project initiated a few years ago.

Overall, the Chinese Aeronautical industry is still making very sluggish progress if you look at a historical point of view. Many of these projects relatively began in the 1980's (FC-1, J-10), the same period where the US were already developing fifth generation fighters through the ATF program. The Pentagon's report over the Power of the PLA Emphasized this over and over again. The Chinese are still facing bureaucratic loopholes, technical difficulties, and the tendency to keep modifying Soviet Weapons that hampers their own military defense industry.

After seeing the latest Pentagon report, I still do not understand why people want to go to war with China and at the same time realize the Chinese Military is less powerful than previously perceived in terms of its power projection.

Cold War? No. The only nation in the world that still clenched to this kind of policy making is the United States while everyone else is worried about Islamic Extremists, Terrorism, and domestic problems. China on the other hand pursues self-interests and is really not into spreading their idealogy around the globe.
January 16th, 2007  
A Can of Man
The Chinese aren't interested in spreading ideology whatnot around the globe because they can't at this point. Once they dominate trade in Southeast Asia (they will as SE Asia is full of powerful Chinese families that own all the resources) and their economy becomes strong enough to support a blue water navy things like spreading ideology etc. will start to take priority.
Believe me, from the point of view over here, a lot of the ways in which Americans act seem like they could use a little "fixing."
Also I'm sure Rwanda has its own ideologies and views it wishes to impose on the world but doesn't really have the means to do it. Every culture has these things.

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