Fierce Tigers: Hollywood's movie project on ROK troops

March 29th, 2007  

Topic: Fierce Tigers: Hollywood's movie project on ROK troops

It has been filmed yet. But it looks interesting, especially to me, since I am Korean.

Arnold Chun, Producer - Philean Entertainment (Guest) (1 posts)

Aug-08-06, 01:40 AM (EST) "Maeng Ho (Fierce Tigers)"

I have a script in Pre-Production called Maeng Ho (Fierce Tigers). The script is in the final stages before production. We are looking for many Korean-American Male Actors. We don't know exactly how many are out there and we need anyone from 18-25. This project will be pitched to Director Edward Zwick. Here is the synopsis.
Maeng Ho (Fierce Tigers) is a War Story about two platoon Sergeants who lead a group of young ROK (Republic of Korea) infantry in South Vietnam during 1968. Their adventure turns out to be a lesson on the tragedy of the human condition when exposed to war. As their tour of duty begins, a group of American advisors/infantry join them. Although they are from two different cultures they fight a common enemy and develop a bond not found in any other battlefield. The story unfolds the mystery of how they got involved, the courage of these forgotten men, and the brotherhood created between the Americans and Koreans. Please submit headshots and resumes to We will be holding auditions for a second final table read before we send the script to the executive producers.

Category: FeaturesProject: MAENG HO (FIERCE TIGERS)Casting Director: ARNOLD CHUN

Role Selection

To download a role, click on the name of the desired role. If you do not see the sides you need, call the Showfax office at (310) 385-6920; outside Los Angeles (800) 886-8716, or send email with details: Request for Sides.
RolesCorporal Jackson
$ 3.00 Corporal Park
$ 1.00 Corpsman Alvarez
$ 3.00 Lt. Bauer
$ 2.00 Lt. Colonel Roh
$ 2.00 Lt. Meyers
$ 2.00 Pvt. Kim
$ 3.00 Pvt. Lee
$ 2.00 Pvt. Paik
$ 2.00 Pvt. Park
$ 2.00 Pvt. Yang
$ 2.00 Sgt. Kang
$ 2.00

(November 2006) Currently redeveloping a feature film script, "Maeng Ho (Fierce Tigers)"
(October 2006) Filming "Touch Wood" a Comedy about the porn industry.
(July 2006) Filming "Deface", a drama about a North Korean Worker who vandalizes government property.
(March 2007) A short film called "Illegal" was accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival. Arnold was the Casting Director for the film.
(January 2007) Finished a supporting role alongside Carey Hiroyuki Tagawa in a film called "Left Behind"
April 10th, 2007  
A Can of Man
Great. Time to submit my application I speak perfect Korean and English. And I've done some high school acting. hahahhaha

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