FFL or PMC ?

February 17th, 2012  

Topic: FFL or PMC ?

Hi, This year Im working for university but if i can't enter it I'm thinking to enlist French Foreign Legion. So what are you suggesting me? Entering a PMC or Legion. Thanks
February 17th, 2012  
Well you have no chance of getting into a PMC with Zero prior experience. So that would leave you with FFL. Wouldn't reccomned it personally. Research it fully and see if it is actually for you.
February 19th, 2012  
I don't know it is for me or not but I really now that a teocratic country is not for a atheist. Anyway, still wanna go there. Are they giving youy French Citizenship?
February 19th, 2012  
Yes, after 5 years you get the option of getting a new french identity including citizenship... I would suggest researching it thoroughly before trying it.
February 19th, 2012  
What to say to someone who is thinking about joining the Foreign Legion today? Well, my first reaction is to tell them to sober up and things will look better in the morning.

The term of service is five years and the only way to cut it short is death or desertion. It may be possible to get out before finishing the four months of basic training, but once you reach your regiment you´re in for the long haul. After three years service, a legionnaire may apply for French citizenship. There is a quicker, more painful way: a soldier wounded in battle may apply for citizenship under a provision known as "Français par le sang versé" ("French by spilled blood").

The training is rough and you will face the toughest physical, mental and emotional challenges imaginable. You will be a long way from home, and If a member of your family should pass away, or some other personal crisis occur, you probably won´t even hear about it until you get a letter a week later. Perish the thought of an emergency leave for a quick visit home. There´s no such thing, and in any case the first thing you did when you walked into the recruiting station was to surrender your passport.

If you want to completely tear yourself away from your home, your family and all you´ve ever known; if you want to endure months and years of a Spartan lifestyle and a harsh disciplinary regime; and if you don´t mind carrying out the most menial tasks with only the bare minimum of material, then by all means join the French Foreign Legion.

I don´t know you and I can´t make major life decisions for you, but I think that your lack of clarity is a problem.
February 21st, 2012  
There is a flip side to that coin.
I know men who have gone, stayed the course and are now enjoying the fruits of all their hard work.
I have heard the FFL be described as a brotherhood for hopeless, lost souls.
I have heard the pride in the voice of a man who during his 12 year career enjoyed every minute of getting the blood sucked out of his body by mosquitoes on a to him meaningless mission in the jungle with only the most rudamentery kit.
For HIM it was a match made in heaven.
On the other hand, the old cliché has probably never been more true: "it isn´t for everybody."

I have had the oppurtunity to work with 2 REP and 2 REI and I have never had any complaints about their skills.
Their tactics are in some cases old and rather on the dangerous side.
But then again they are used primarily for missions the french don´t want to use their regular Army as they are too dangerous and/or are predicted to take cassualties.

All about who YOU are, and what you are made off.
It is as RM42 pointed out, not a decision you should take lightly.

KJ sends..

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