The Few, The Proud - Page 2

November 16th, 2004  
I don't know how it is where others live but i was at the meps monday and tuesday of last week. There were only four Marine Recrutes at the Meps. (three other than me) One thing that all of us had in common (aside from the obvious) as far as enlisting was concerned was that we didn't get a bonus. There were two Marine Recruits from GA and two from TN. The other three guys that were there wasn't even aware that the marines gave bonuses. I wasn't intersted in a bonus simply becasue all of the red tape that comes with it.
From what my recruiter tells me the bonuses are saved for when a shipping slot needs to be filled and the only way to get a recruit to leave early is to alot an allowance to cover the bills he would have had to pay...etc. but that is just what i got out of it. But yeah definantly the Few and the Proud