Favourite WW2 quote?

November 25th, 2009  

Topic: Favourite WW2 quote?

I think this would be mine, but I'm not sure if it is fictitious

Ribbentrop if there was another war, the Italians would be on Germany's side!

Churchill "that seems only fair, we had them last time!"...
November 25th, 2009  
My signature but:

Winston Churchill: 'If your going through hell, keep going'

and if I can get it right

'We will fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall never surrender!'

Does anybody agree with me that Churchill had a rather bland voice?
November 26th, 2009  
Originally Posted by Yin717

Does anybody agree with me that Churchill had a rather bland voice?
Yin, I think I can see what you mean, a sort of 'cricket voice' at times, however somehow it was compelling at the same time. For all his faults, Churchill was one of the great orators.
November 26th, 2009  
I would defenatly agree with you there. he was an amazing speaker and gave Britain alot of moral!
December 1st, 2009  
The Thinkman

Topic: rommel quote

Erwin Rommel reputedly said:

"Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning"

Shame soldiers like Paulus forgot about that.
December 10th, 2009  
When Anthony McAulifee replied to the German threat of annihilation.

To the German Commander:


The American command of Bastogne

In case your General doesn't know what nuts means, its the same as go to hell.


lol, that guy was a crazy bastard xD
December 20th, 2009  
Cpl. Jones (SAW)

Topic: japanese naval flee commander

he said "i would never invade the American homeland because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass" Being American that is pretty enpowering

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