Favourite Pizza Place/Parlor

September 3rd, 2004  

Topic: Favourite Pizza Place/Parlor

San Biagio's New York Style

1263 W 7TH St
Upland, CA 91786-7069
Phone: (909) 946-9277

It is operated by an Italian man family Biagio who has been in this country for 15+ years, he is in his 60's.

The restaurant doesn't just sport the best pizza around but it also has: Sicillian pizza, Canoli, calzone, Sandwiches, Lingiune with Clam sauce red or white, raviolli.

One of the Best Places for Italian food for the Buck, most people just buy pizza but I have tried several different things there every one of which is always good.
September 3rd, 2004  
Jason Bourne
different places have different types of pizza that are all good.

Pizza Hut-twisted crust

Dominos-Handtossed Pepperoni

Ny Pizza & Pasta- I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE,little Italian restaurant family owned, family owned places are the best because they don't rip you off like Pizza Hut.
September 3rd, 2004  
Exactly that's why I love San Biagio's.
September 3rd, 2004  
Cant remember the name exactly because I havnt had their Pizza and years by a joint called Mama Ilardo's or the like.
September 4th, 2004  
silent driller
Bottom's Up Pizza in the Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond, VA. Best damn slice of pizza I ever ate. But for the cheap man in me, the Meat Lover's Stuffed Crust Pizza at Pizza Hut. That's gotta be the most times in one conversation that I've said pizza. I'm hungry.
September 5th, 2004  
Northwood Pizza, in Irvine CA. or Pizza Hut.
September 5th, 2004  
The PIE Pizzaria. The are pretty amazing. Their idea of standard pepperoni pizza is as follows: A layer of cheese. Cover the cheese with overlapping pepperoni till you can't see the cheese anymore. Then you cover it with cheese till you can't see the pepperoni anymore. Then bake. And on top of that, their pizza is amazing and its one of the coolest hangouts ever.
September 5th, 2004  
Originally Posted by silent driller
Bottom's Up Pizza in the Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond, VA. Best damn slice of pizza I ever ate.

I hear you bro. That is some good pizza me and liz ate there a few times when I visited her in Richmond. Gotta love it

Best Pizza in East Tennessee would have to be the new Fazoli's 9 inch oven baked pizza's. You have a selection of 5 different kind

Italian Meat - Pepperoni, Sausage, Salami, Pizza Suace and Cheese with a spice blend on top

Medetrainian - Black Olives, Salami, Black Peppery Chicken, Cheese, Spice Blend and Tomato Rochette

Southwest Chicken - Alfredo Sauce, Black Peppery Chicken, Red Pepper, Spice Blend


Ultimate Cheese

but then again I work at Fazoli's so most anything I eat for break is good.
October 1st, 2004  
Second Slice Pizza
March 23rd, 2005  
Shakey's Pizza. not onyl is the pizza awesome but their potato slices (mojos as they call it) are beyond belief.