Favourite Movies

Favourite Movies
February 19th, 2006  

Topic: Favourite Movies

Favourite Movies
Over the years I've watched many films. Some that have really appealed to me were:

Heart Break Ridge, Apocolypse Now, A Few Good Men and Platoon.

I guess these stick out because they remind me of stuff that I experienced during my military career.

I suppose the same goes for music. Certain songs remind you of where you were serving when they were popular in the charts.

My Favourites groups then were:

The Clash, U2, Thin Lizzy and Queen.

After I left the forces I tended to watch these films and listen to this music from time to time. It helps to raise my spirit.

February 21st, 2006  
I just watched Heartbreak Ridge for the first time, and i loved it.

But personally, my favorite military related film is Forrest Gump, just because of that one line:

"I was Lt. Dan Taylor"

"You still are"
February 21st, 2006  
Forrest Gump and Good Morning Vietnam, Kelly's Hero's. Loved the sound tracks too.

An old classic, South Pacific.
Favourite Movies
February 21st, 2006  
Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Downfall, and We were Soldiers.
February 21st, 2006  
hmm, I mostly like historical movies such as:

-The Last Samurai (great one!)

-Braveheart (excellent!)

-The Patriot (outstanding!)

-Kingdom Of Heaven (Magnificent!)

-Last of the Mohicans (worth it!)

-Troy, Gladiator etc etc etc, many more, unfortunately, I dont remember them 8)
February 21st, 2006  
Hamburger Hill
The Green Berets
We Were Soldiers
Fight Club
American History X
February 22nd, 2006  
This has already been done before:

February 22nd, 2006  
Whoops sorry guys if this has been done before. My fault. It was just to see if a number of us had the same tastes and it appears we have.

I enjoyed all the movies listed.

Another classic was A FEW GOOD MEN.

I relate quite closely to this because my first Biography Amongst The Marines has a number of similarities. Thankfully, though, I was acquited at Court Martial.