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WW I 2 9.52%
WW II 11 52.38%
Vietnam 1 4.76%
US Civil War 3 14.29%
Revolutionary War 0 0%
Napoleonic Wars 4 19.05%
Roman Wars 0 0%
Crusades 0 0%
Medieval Wars 0 0%
Zulu War 0 0%
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December 22nd, 2004  
Charge 7
Not so long ago I would've said WWII. I still feel it to have been the most important war of all time, however, lately I've turned my attention to WWI and really coming to the conclusion as so many historians already have that WWI and WWII were two parts of the same war with a 20 year break in between. WWI marked the end of the old order of nations and we are still dealing with the results of that to this day. And my fellow Americans who so swiftly criticize our European comrades should read their history books a little bit closer and try to have a greater sympothy. No war has been fought here in 140 years while it's still in living memory for many Europeans and all US casualties from all the wars we've fought combined pale when compared to the milllions who lost their lives from so many European countries. The Somme alone saw 60,000 casualties the first day. In light of figures like that it makes you understand why the appeasement folks went to such lengths to forestall entering WWII even to the point when what was coming was staring them in the face. It also gives you some idea why their views are as they are even now. I doubt anybody who's ever seen the face of battle would criticize anybody who rebelled at the thought of warfare come again. As Eisenhower said "Nobody abhors war more than the professional soldier - for nobody better understands its awful ramifications." This isn't a diatrab against war however, I just wanted to make clear why WWI has got my attention.