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WW I 2 9.52%
WW II 11 52.38%
Vietnam 1 4.76%
US Civil War 3 14.29%
Revolutionary War 0 0%
Napoleonic Wars 4 19.05%
Roman Wars 0 0%
Crusades 0 0%
Medieval Wars 0 0%
Zulu War 0 0%
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November 29th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Doody
Well I am the one who voted for the Civil War. Slavery is not really big part of the war if you read what soldiers wrote at the time. Lincoln did not "free" the slaves until 2 years into the war. The move was more about keeping England from aiding the south rather than doing the right thing. Today's history books have played up the whole going to war over Slavery.

I like the Civil War because it was a war fought on American Soil, fought brother against brother, it is well documented, and took a whole lot of to march into combat in tight ranks with the technology each side had at the time.
i realize that it wasn't all about slavery. there was more to it then that, like power over the legislature and policy towards new states, tons of little things contributed to make it what it was. but everything seemed really messy to me. it was a dark time in this nation so i tend to see it that way.
December 8th, 2004  
For me it's WW2, in particular the Eastern Front. The most titanic and bloody struggle between 2 nations in the history of humankind and no war before, or since, can compare.
I'd say the various crusades from 1095 onwards could possibly compare, maybe a bit.

My favourite war to study though is the second world war, due the vast scale, the advances in tactics, implications to the 50 years after it, plus there were so many different theatres of war within the one war: Western, Eastern, Atlantic, Baltic, Pacific, African, Middle East, China, Mediteranian etc etc etc.
December 8th, 2004  
I think like most people, WWII, because there are so many different aspects and politics to it. SO many different tpyes of battles (Battle of BRitain, Battle of the Atlantic, D-Day). But WWI is quite interesting because it was a catalyst for many military technological advances, such as the first tanks, aircraft etc.
December 8th, 2004  
This is a hard question for me to answer. I have basically moved in my interest from war to war starting with the American Revolution in my youth. I then moved on to the American Civil War, and now within the last few years I have gotten very interested in WWII. I think that the bulk of my interest is still with the ACW at this point with WWII gaining some ground. The Civil War is intriguing to me because of the technology advances that occurred during the war, the tactics used, the bravery displayed by men (I echo Doody's thoughts about the combat), and the personalities involved in the war - both military and political.
WWII again for technology, more interesting personalities, sheer scope of the conflict, and for a little bias - my Grandfather was wounded fighting in one of the Highland Regiments.
December 9th, 2004  
definelty eastern front, never in the face of mankind has such titantical clash happened, a war between the steel and will of the two alliances.

A definete closer view would be the battle of stalingrad, where the ending result is more than a million dead, even more than the battle of verdun or sommes
December 9th, 2004  
A Can of Man
This is why they call the Korean War, the forgotten war
December 9th, 2004  
Yom Kippur War, Hastings, WW2-europe
December 9th, 2004  
Its gotta be nepolean wars (can't spell today lol)

English navy back then is war history...............its what people still talk about and study.

so many films made about these years.............so many battles.

The royal navy ship HMS Monmonth stillcarries the "Black flag" and is nick named the duke.

This is due to the "Black Duke" retreating from war those 100s of yrs ago........so still to this day HMS Monmonth is no longer aloud to lead any fleet into battle
December 9th, 2004  
The civil war fascinates me because of its diversity. Also, a lot of new technology was used - submarines, armoured vessels, balloons for observation, repeater weapons. But, first of all, the zeal of the combattants.

Pity you left out the Korean war as this also had many interesting aspect. It was a maneuver war - I believe American losses superseded those of the Vietnam war? There were several firsts - jet fighters against jet fighter. Jets operating out of carriers, helicopters.
December 10th, 2004  
6 day war,