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Favorite War Movie?
November 5th, 2003  
Favorite War Movie?
You should watch The Deep D_Plus_One, it's a submarine ghost movie.

On the whole thought-provoking factor in movies, I really don't pay much attention to any deeper significance to a movie, I don't watch them for intellectual stimulation, only for entertainment. When I want to think, I read. Haha I guess growing up without a television kind of keeps warps your abilities in that respect, or maybe that's just me.
November 8th, 2003  
I like the Ballad of the Green Beret.
November 19th, 2003  
must it be a movie

what about the mini for HBO " Band of Brothers"

that was the best thing i have ever seen

its about easy company 506 101 air born ( same divsion my grampah served in wwII)

also we were soilders
Favorite War Movie?
November 24th, 2003  
Band of Brothers was great, I especially liked the sniper character.
Overall I think the job that movie did in developing characters is one of the best Ive seen in a war movie.
November 24th, 2003  
I've just seen the series on DVD now!

one word: GREAT!
November 27th, 2003  
Thanks for the tip about The Deep I am always looking for good sub movies, they just don't make enough anymore.

I also thought Band of Brothers was great - I live in University Residence, and during exams we are going to watch it all on the big projectors in one of the classrooms - should be awesome.
November 29th, 2003  
I like We were soldiers no really reason.. except for the fact that it's gory and it also has a great deal about the women who were left behind
December 1st, 2003  
Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Patton, U-571, Hunt for Red October, and Starship Troopers(it's futuristic war so I think it counts)
December 2nd, 2003  
i personally choose three. one being Crimson Tide. (sub movie for you sub fans). it has action and intelligence with good political points.

Courage Under Fire is another one-and yet another denzel movie. i like the character meg ryan plays-prolly b/c i'm just like her.

last but not least, Black Hawk Down. i love that one for some reason. i catch different things each time.
December 2nd, 2003  
black hawk down was a good one ^_^ defitnally up there on my top 10 movie lists