Favorite War Era Aircraft.

December 9th, 2011  

Topic: Favorite War Era Aircraft.

Hey it's for the entertainment , but this topic comes up sometimes when talking to any of the aviation guys I know so I thought I'd post this question here as well.

If you had your own rented hanger at the local airfield and could place in it any restored WW I or II military aircraft, from any nation or for any military function, as long as it served for a uniformed armed service somewhere during that time period.

What would your aircraft of favor be?

(Also I do not know if this thread already exsist, if so apologies)

December 9th, 2011  
Man, that's easy!
Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe!

But a Boeing Stearman would also be a choice close to my heart here.
Surely two different ages/aeras, but tons of charm.
December 9th, 2011  
Ju-87G-2 tank buster with twin 37mm flak cannons under the wings.
December 10th, 2011  
I have gotta say, mine would be either the Mosquito or the F 4F.

The Mosquito because the low flying fast attacks it carried out so well made it into a flying upper cut, all that with a wooden frame hehe.

And the F 4F Wildcat for how Marine and Naval Aviators somehow kept the Japanese at bay in outclassed aircraft during the opening stages of the Pacific War.
December 10th, 2011  
the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, because it's arguably the best fighter-bomber of WW2.
December 10th, 2011  
Spitfire MkVIIII or Mk XVI, Hurricane tank buster, Mosquito fighter bomber version, Lancaster with Merlin engines, Wellington, P51 Mustang, Havard, Meteor, Tiger Moth.

If I were allowed later aircraft, a Hawker Hunter, English Electric Lightning Mk6 and English Electric Canberra
December 14th, 2011  
Hard choice but I would go with the Focke-Wulf 190-D9

followed closely by the de Havilland Mosquito FB.VI.

December 14th, 2011  
Focke-Wulf 190 is another amazing flying machine from this era,

Easily one of my favorites.
December 15th, 2011  
The FW 190 cut the Spitfire MkV to pieces. When the Spitfire Mk9 was introduced there is a story of a RAF pilot pulling up along side a FW190 in a climb, the RAF pilot waved, opened the throttle then climbed away. Apparently the FW 190 pilot was so shocked he didn't open fire
February 8th, 2012  
Hmm, while I like many single-seaters from WW2, I think I'd go for something larger...
It's a toss up between the Do 217 N series night fighters

and the P61 Black Widow

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