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February 12th, 2005  
Ah, good old Honest Abe.

Vote for Lincoln! :P
February 14th, 2005  
Franklin Roosevelt or Bill Clinton
February 15th, 2005  
u read BIll's book?

a bit wordy but still exciting
February 15th, 2005  
FDR-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The best president ever, to do what he did takes something inside, few if any presidents have what it takes to be the man he was.

If you say either of the Bush's are anything other than, well mediocre I find you at fault because that's all they are, Reagan on the otherhand was a good president, although he had little effect upon the shround of Communism falling.

The first President Bush was good but his son was the worst thing to happen to this country, he's failed at every business he's had like Truman, but Truman was successful as president and Bush is well, not that good.
February 15th, 2005  
I'll say Roosevelt was the best. He was in a wheelchair. But as you can tell from his historic records and speeches he was really strong. I'd say he was a true American. Especially how they displayed him in Pearl Harbor. When the admiral said it couldn't be done, he gets up on his own out of his wheelchair and tells him " Do not tell me it can't be done".

I don't know if he actually said that but he probably did since they did a whole huge scene on it.
February 15th, 2005  
Mine are the Roosevelts

FDR and Teddy

Teddy made national parks and all that great wildlife stuff and FDR led us through WWII
February 16th, 2005  
February 23rd, 2005  

Topic: Re: Favorite President of The United States

I think Clinton and Roosevelt are best in my opnion. And Bush Jr is also a successful president.
February 23rd, 2005  
Charge 7
Which Roosevelt? Teddy or Franklin?
February 23rd, 2005