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Favorite President of The United States
June 2nd, 2004  
Favorite President of The United States
Theodore Roosevelt. Original badass :P
October 2nd, 2004  
Im canadian but i pay pretty close attention to us politics. JFK ALL THE WAY!
October 2nd, 2004  
JFK! If it weren't for him, we'd have never landed on the moon, or we would have gone there a lot later.
Favorite President of The United States
October 2nd, 2004  
Reagan. He was President when I first enlisted and the morale of the military was the highest I have ever seen it. The pride he instilled was something that really can't be described but had to be experienced.
October 2nd, 2004  
A Can of Man
Ronald Reagan.
October 2nd, 2004  
Clinton, Sure he did a couple of things he shouldn't...but hey he was the President.
October 3rd, 2004  
Ronald Reagan, nothin more needs to be said about this great man.
October 15th, 2004  
Dwight D. Eisenhower

"I like Ike" was an irresistible slogan; Eisenhower won a sweeping victory.
November 10th, 2004  
Mine would be Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush (anybody that flew a torpedo bomber during WWII is worthy of my respect!), and U.S. Grant. Yes Grant was a HORRIBLE president (far too trusting of people) but he was a good and honest man and I choose to respect that.
January 15th, 2005  
George W!