Favorite Military TV show

View Poll Results :What is your favorite 'Military' TV show
Mail Call (History Channel) 17 38.64%
War Stories (Fox News) 1 2.27%
Future Fighting Machines (Tech TV) 1 2.27%
Any History Channel Documentry 18 40.91%
Other (Tell Us) 7 15.91%
Voters: 44. You may not vote on this poll

February 1st, 2004  

Topic: Favorite Military TV show

If our international friends no anyone we Americans dont get, chime in!
February 1st, 2004  

Topic: I liked

I love the history channel.I liked "Black Sheep Squadron" 2....
February 1st, 2004  
I don't have History Channel , but Discovery Channel sends a lot of great History Channel series.
If there's nothing else on TV it's almost always a great show on Discovery..
February 1st, 2004  
Your forgot Tactical to Practical. I can't vote cause I like all of them.
February 2nd, 2004  
I never really liked Tactical to Practical. I predict Mail Call will win the poll by a long shot (right now its tied with 'any documentary' at 3).
February 8th, 2004  
All history channel shows r great to watch!
February 13th, 2004  
I would have to sat mail Call because i am a history channel fanatic
April 2nd, 2004  
Count me as another fan of Mail Call although in a more general sense, I like the History Channel's various military related shows such their History or Hollywood episodes. I like when they discuss how close the the facts a particular movie came.
August 14th, 2004  
cap cedet larson
mash it is the one of the funnyest showes i have ever seen
August 14th, 2004  
JAG is cool, if it counts.