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August 1st, 2004  
"Red Strom Rising" isnīt a new one. Itīs written in 1983/84. Itīs about russia is trying to overtake NATO territory to get new oilfields.

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August 2nd, 2004  
Would have to say Band of Brothers or the novels during WWII produced by WWII Library(There autobiographs during wartime of men on both sides.)
September 2nd, 2004  
A series of books written by Donald Zlotnik. Each book is a personnal story concerning the nations highest military honors. I.E. Medal of Honor, DSC, Silver Star, Bronze Star...etc I haven't read them in a while because they are hard to find anymore, but they are all true and great reading. Makes me really think what these men went through in times when their country needed them!
September 7th, 2004  
Katanga, Svensk FN-trupp i Kongo 1961-62
(Katanga, Swedish UN troops in Congo 1961-62) by Jonas Waern

Unfortunately (for all English speaking persons) it is written in Swedish
September 12th, 2004  
Pegasus Bridge
September 12th, 2004  
fallen angles by walter dean myers
September 13th, 2004  
"They called it Passchendaele"

This is the story of the third battle of Ypres (written by Lyn Macdonald - ISBN 0-14-016509-6)
October 18th, 2004  
Ghosts Of The ETO by Jonathan Gawne
November 11th, 2004  
I can't choose.
Stalingrad and Berlin By Anthony Beevor.
One Crowded Hour by Tim Bowden.
Once A Warrior King By David Donovan.
And now a new favourite, My Anastacia By Michael Page (thats my grandfather, its about the first world war in Russia. It's his 13th publication with this particular publisher)
November 12th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Trevor
Pegasus Bridge
oh yeah pegasus bridge is truely a great book.
eagle's trap and Shadow Hunter by Geoffrey Archer
they are very good books