Favorite First person Shooter (Military)

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Call of Duty (Standard) 3 7.32%
Day of Defeat 2.0 2 4.88%
Call of Duty (Heat of Battle Mod) 2 4.88%
Far Cry 0 0%
Rainbow Six Series 2 4.88%
Counter Strike 4 9.76%
BattleField 1942 8 19.51%
Battlefield Vietnam 1 2.44%
Blackhawk Down 4 9.76%
America's Army 6 14.63%
Operation Flashpoint 3 7.32%
Hidden & Dangerous Series 0 0%
Other 6 14.63%
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May 26th, 2004  
Sgt. Nick Fury

Topic: Favorite First person Shooter (Military)

Which do you like best? and post why?

I did not include Sci Fi shooters like Unreal etc......more interested in favorite military shooters.
May 26th, 2004  
Battlefield 1942 with the Desert Combat mod..
(haven't tried BF vietnam yet..)

I have just bought Far Cry, but not playet it yet. (it looks promising!)
May 26th, 2004  
dude, you forgot MOHAA!!!!
May 26th, 2004  
night stalker
I said americas army due to the fact that it is very realistic and i enjoy playing it with my friends.
May 28th, 2004  
i play Vietcong.
IMO its the most realistic game on the market, it requires a very good system to run, as they made the graphics engine themselves, but it is worth it, the jungle is immersive, the weapons, (when fully patches) are great and its got an "authentic" feel to it. this is one of two games i own (CoD is the other one) iv sold everything else as they dont match up to vietcong, Cod i will sell soon. but yeah, go VC!!
May 28th, 2004  
MOH is ok, the last one was pretty cheesy. I'm not big into the PC games, as my computer falls out laughing any time I attempt to install one. Most of the games I do have are for XBOX and PS2, and there aren't too many FPS military games out there for those systems. FPS became unpopular for a bit, but it is starting to make somewhat of a comeback for game systems.

I've seen a bit of the Blackhawk Down series, makes my blood boil and we've been working for awhile to shut that blood money maker down.

HALO, while more Sci-Fi military is actually a pretty good FPS, I taught my daughter to clear rooms on in.
May 28th, 2004  

Topic: Favorite First person Shooter (Military)

Counter Strike. I dont really play so much so i cant really say, but i like Counter Strike really a lot. I think Half life and doom are awsome too.
May 28th, 2004  
Counter Strike is fun to play
May 28th, 2004  
Flashpoint forever
May 29th, 2004  
iv u have a top computer, get this when it comes outhttp://www.fullspectrumwarrior.com
while it looks like a FPS its actually a squad based strategy game, graphics look incredible, AI sounds amazing, aparently its a modified version of what the US army use to teach its leaders urban warfare