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Favorit Sport
July 31st, 2004  
Favorit Sport
Football (soccer) and Rugby
July 31st, 2004  
Soccer and hockey. Paintball is fun, too.
July 31st, 2004  
American Football and Martial Arts
Favorit Sport
August 1st, 2004  
Airborne Eagle

Metric football (soccer) comes in third, behind hockey.

I can watch basketball, but watching baseball on TV is grueling. That's definitely a sport of atmosphere. In the park, wide open field, hot dogs (natural casing), cold beverage of choice, and watching a game play out in front of you. That's the only way to watch baseball.
August 2nd, 2004  
Baseball .... go Yanks! *hides* I'd like to go see a baseball game in person, I would love to visit all the old stadiums - Chicago, B-Town and of course Yankee Stadium. But I like the entire fact that I can be a vocal fan though - as you know Yankee fans make their opinions be known - "hey Jeter try hitting a ball!"

But baseball and then football.
August 2nd, 2004  
To participate in: Equestrian (Show jumping, polo), snowboarding, wakeboarding, soccer and tennis.
To watch: Cycling, soccer and tennis.
August 14th, 2004  
Bowling would have to be my favorite sport but then again I have played on a league for 12 years.
October 1st, 2004  
October 1st, 2004  
Cricket, or swimming

(would u believe i am abt to take up triathlons *gasp* wish me luck lol)
October 6th, 2004  
Futbol (soccer)