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View Poll Results :whats your favorite WW2 aircraft (including all varianst and models)?
Spitfire 7 25.93%
P-51 mustang 10 37.04%
P-40 Kittyhawk 1 3.70%
P-47 thunderbolt 3 11.11%
BF- 109 2 7.41%
FW- 190 1 3.70%
corsair 1 3.70%
Zero 2 7.41%
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FAV WW2 fighter aircraft?
June 24th, 2004  
FAV WW2 fighter aircraft?
P-47 Thunderbolt, eight .50 calibur machine guns, those babies tore up some nazi @$$. And it had a supercharger so it performed well for a big plane.
June 24th, 2004  
England Expects (RAF Cdt)
My personal favourite Is the Spitfire, it's design is fantastic, one of the best looking fighters I've seen. Twas a pivotal aircraft in the Battle of Britain and fought well in the desert campaign.
June 24th, 2004  
In my opinion P-51's the best overall fighter, it's manouverability capabilities were just enormous..........
FAV WW2 fighter aircraft?
July 17th, 2004  
My favorite would have to be Messerchmitt BF-109 K-4, love that plane.

The plane of choice for WW2 would have to be the Mitsubishi Zero however.