Fav Class - Page 4

October 5th, 2009  
Definitely history...love it....I've seriously thought about becoming a history teacher....reading it, actually takes me to that certain time and place...I also love researching about both my cultures and family...its so damn intresting to know, where I come from....
October 6th, 2009  
C/2nd Lt Robot
High school: weightlifting and physics
College (thus far): Nuclear Reactor Operators Course (that's right, I learned how to run a small nuclear reactor), Calc 2 (mostly because my teacher really knew his stuff and presented it knowing that most of us would never see it again), Electricity and magnetism (again an awesome teacher who really knew his stuff), and ROTC (mostly because I'm getting paid to do it and it feels good to know that out of 32,000 students only about 300 of us get up at an uncool hour to beat ourselves up working out).