fat boi wantin 2 join uk army eny ideas of how?

September 13th, 2011  

Topic: fat boi wantin 2 join uk army eny ideas of how?

ayt, am 16 yrs old n i can join at 17 but am overweight so guys eny ideas of how 2 lose weigght real quick 2 join,
i've always wanted 2 b a solja since my maternal great uncle told me that he was a pilot in ww2
i did sum research n i found out that i only need a limited fitness lyk level 10 in bleep test i got 6 in skwl so i can do that
but eny help?? its my dream n my parentz dont want me 2 join coz i got good results

n dey r muslims n dont fink i should join n fight so help wit that
many fanx 4 help
ps does any1 knw the level of fitness 2 join the US marines or royal engineers or the navy and RAF

September 13th, 2011  
I am pretty sure proper spelling is a prerequisite for any modern military force.

But I am sure some professionals can post further information to you soon.

Kind Regards.
September 13th, 2011  
Are you a British citizen?
September 13th, 2011  
Just be active dude, you dont need to kill yourself with exercise but you will need to be able to do press ups and pull ups and the like so practice that.
Mostly do a lot of running, start slow and build up to longer runs, or if you are really unfit start on a cycle. Attitude is everything man believe you can and push yourself!
Requirements differ for each army so talking to a recruiter or checking the website is the best idea.
Good luck.
September 14th, 2011  
Getting in shape is only part of it.
It also requires basic knowledge of the British language and mathematics.
September 16th, 2011  
Basic communication skills are necessary.
September 18th, 2011  
thanks guys and i am 4rm britain, i did not have time 2 write properly as i had to go to the mosque and prayer otherwise my dad woulda killed me! and i do cycle and that i lost 5 kg over ramadan
September 19th, 2011  
Further research would probably come up with the tests and some indication of the fitness level requiered, and if you start training with that as a goal you should be on the right track.

If you're doing well in school, I'd suggest you stay there and improve your grades while you keep on training your physichal skills, that plus 4-5 more Ramadan, and you may actually have a chance to follow in your great-uncles fotsteps.

Why should opt for humping heavy back-packs with the infantry if you can get wings with the RAF?
September 20th, 2011  
Really? Really?

If this bloke isn't a troll, I'll eat my hat.
September 22nd, 2011  
Originally Posted by Spartan613
Really? Really?

If this bloke isn't a troll, I'll eat my hat.
Just thinking the same....

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