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February 17th, 2006  

Topic: Family History

Just a thought which be an interest to some members, have you ever sat down with some of the older members of your family and checked what they know about their parents and grandparents. Now the reason I am saying this is because I was talking to some one the other day and I was relating some stuff that I had got of my grandparents, what shook them was that my grandparents were around before the American Civil War, my parents were around before the Wright Brothers made their first flight or before the San Fransisco earthquake of 1906. Just think of all those stories out there that will soon become extinct. When I was a little lad a very old woman who was trying to keep an eye on us [she was in her late 90's] was telling us stories that her great grandfather had told her about the battles he fought in during the American War of Independence, I must say to my regret I was more interest in the watching aerial dogfights over head than listening to what she was saying.
February 18th, 2006  
Most of my family came from Ireland. My great uncle was in Marine during WW2. He did fought on Guadalcanal through to Okinawa islands. He got Bronze medal for his action on Pacific Campaign. I think his rank was Major of the Marines. I'm not sure. Also, he was a NFL player back in 1930's to 1941. He played for Eagles as a running back. My other great uncle was in US Army to fight against the germans in Europe. I think he was with the 3rd Army with under command of Patton. He drove a halftrack with Anti-Aircraft. There many stories about my family that was in war. Spanish-American War, World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Hope all of you understand my grammers. My grammer sucks.
February 18th, 2006  
Well I have only one direct realative alive, old enough to remember WWII, and she for some reason, absolutly hates the military and won't talk about it.
Literally all knowledge I have about my direct realatives in WWI and WWII, come from the Australian War Memorial or the National Archives.
However I have been told stories from realatives who passed away before I was born. I have had many great uncles in WWII. One was captured in Greece as a Commando, another was in the 8th Division in Singapore and spent most of the war in Changi. My Pop was a Machine Gunner with the CMF in the Torres Straight, but got an early discharge in May 1945, due to a shortage of coal truck drivers. My grandfather was an Sapper in New Guinea, who spent more time AWOL than on leave.
They were told to me by my dad. However by searching the AWM and

NAA I discovered I am the Great Grandson of a Military Medal Recipient.
Driver Ruben F. Arnold, 5th Australian Machinegun Battalion.
He was wounded in March 1918, on the second day of Operation St Michael and was RTA. We cannot find a copy of his citation, but on the A.I.F. Nominal Roll, and his Discharge papers his name carries the post nominals "MM". We are still looking for the Citation. That was on my fathers side.
On my mothers side, I found my Great Grandfathers Brother, was awarded the Military Medal after the fighting in Peronne in 1918.
LCPL Charles G. Burslem, 53rd Battalion A.I.F. He captured several German machineguns with his Lewis Gun, and he and his section throughout the operation captured several german Prisoners.

So, basically if we did not search the AWM and the Archives, I would not have known I am related to two Australian War Hero's
May 27th, 2006  
My dad has this family book which shows my family history back to when they first came to America in the 1600's. My family on my dads side is German. They have fought in every battle this country has been in, such as the Revolution, both sides in the Civil War, and all the way up to I belive Vietnam.

I my Grandfather on my moms side was with the Army during Korea, I also had a great uncle that died in Belleau Wood with the Marines.

I guess I have a lot to live up to when I'm in the Corps?
May 29th, 2006  
The Dutch don't have a very big military tradition and I haven't got any story from them. My German familie does have has a long tradition and they have been in the military for I don't know how long. Unfortunatly they are all dead, some did in WWI and some in WWII. My grandfather would talk about what he has seen and passed away in 1970. So that part is pretty much obsured by time.
May 29th, 2006  
my grandparents were something like 12 at that time.. Not much could be extracted from them.. But I believe that some relatives fought in the philippines during ww2.. thats about it ^_^
May 31st, 2006  
My family has had a long military history stretching back to Bonnie Prince Charlie (a direct relative on my mother's side) in 1720. Since then, family members have fought in every major war, including WWI (for the british), WWII(1 for british, 1 for americans), Vietnam War, Korean War (i had a relative in the 101st who saw more than 20 combat jumps and recieved the Senior Parachutist Award), Gulf War, and Iraqi Freedom.
May 31st, 2006  
I don't know, my father went to the USAFA, and my grandfather was a bomber crewman in WWII. Almost all of my uncles and great uncles were in WWII.

further down on the old man's side... well, we suspect him to be descended from aristocratic French, so I dunno about way back when...
June 1st, 2006  
My Great Uncle on my mom's side fought in world war 2.

My Uncle on my mom's side fought in Vietnam.

Two uncle's on my dad's side fought in the Lebanese civil war. (That wasn't too long ago, about 20 years)
June 2nd, 2006  
Well, you all have rich family History!