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August 18th, 2007  
LeEnfield, I noticed with great interest that you promised one or more of your relatives that you would not put some family details on the web. This is perfectly understandable from a privacy point of view for living persons, but I hope you did not promise to do it for those who have passed away.

Some years ago I had a similar experience where a relative was only going to give me information about a common ancestor (deceased) if I promised not to ever pass it on to anyone else. I respectfully declined his offer and found the information from other sources. As it turned out the information he was trying to conceal was common family knowledge and of no interest to others anyway. (My Grandmother "took off" with her younger brother in law, and had two other children one of which was my Mother). How on earth he thought I didn't already know this is beyond me.

I would advise any family historian to never promise such things to other family members, as it often cripples your research efforts. My tree published on the web has been a goldmine attracting information from relatives I'd never heard of. Only this morning a completely unknown lady in Ohio (I'm in south Australia) contacted me to let me know of the death of a person in my tree. this has opened a whole new line of enquiry as I now have another family member to chase up.
delmar son of polly and bascum hall died on aug 9, 2007 in huber heights montgomery co oh

I presume you are aware of the National Archives of Australia Site:
there's plenty of War Records here including many digital copies of Service records.

Good Luck with your research.
August 31st, 2007  
The latest person of interest that has turned up is Major General Mocatta of the Indian Army, thats if you don't count my Uncle William Harley of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company.