Fallen on hard times.

January 30th, 2013  
The Highway Man

Topic: Fallen on hard times.

A husband and wife had fallen on hard times, he lost his job and couldn't manage on his unemployment money. He suggested his wife become a Hooker and earn money that way.
She asked him what did she have to do. The husband told her to wear her really short mini skirt and stand outside the local pub. ''How much should I charge'' she asked. he said,
''A hundred pounds''. She had only been outside the pub five minutes when a car pulled up and the male occupant asked, ''How much do you charge'', she replied, ''A hundred pounds'',
he said, ''I only have 30''. She said, ''Wait a minute'', and she ran around the corner where her husband was waiting in his car. She said, ''This guy stops, but he only has 30'', Husband says,
''Tell him he can have a hand job for 30''. She goes back and gets in the car and tells the man he can have a hand job for 30. He undoes his trousers and takes out the biggest tackle she has ever seen, She says, ''Wait a minute, I'll be back in a tick'', She runs back to Husband, he says, ''What's the problem now,'', she says, ''Can you lend this guy 70''.
January 30th, 2013  
Capt Frogman
February 1st, 2013  

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