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July 3rd, 2018  

Topic: Falklands War

I lifted this "out of Theater" observation by a civilian in a non-military related Forum. Probably describes many a "Splended little War".

Recent events got me thinking about my experience during the Falkland Islands war in 1982. I was working in a tourist joint on Duval street in Key West. Rick's Cafe. Tail end of spring break season and all that, and a series of British troop ships stops in town for their last shore leave before going to a faraway place to settle some minor territory dispute. Most of these guys were fresh out of training, and had never been out of their home town, let alone half way around the world. They are all psyched up to perform a quick rescue mission and go home heroes. They don't drink like Yankees. When they hit a bar, they start singing songs and buying rounds, and doing all sorts of stupid human tricks. I don't think I've ever seen so many strangers join together and just have an unbridled drunken good time. This went on for almost two weeks as different ships came through town. Longest party I've ever attended.
A couple months go by. News coverage of What by then was known as The Falkland War didn't get into graphic details or videos and all that, but the narrative was not what anyone was expecting. The same ships stopped again on their way home, and smaller crews hit town. Only this time they weren't a bunch of kids on their way back from an adventure; they were years older and their youth had been violently ripped from them. They shuffled quietly into the bars where they had previously partied joyfully and recklessly, and sat and toasted to their lost buddies while the beers ordered for their absent comrades sat untouched. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

Key west seems way out of the way, so story could have come from somewhere else....

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