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Originally Posted by PJ24
How'd you miss this thread? Pretty much got the basics of bootcamp covered, but she needs help with knowing what to expect at A school and with Navy life in general. You're just the squid for the job!
I'm not sure how I missed it, but sometimes I think I'd miss the floor if I fell down!

I sent the kid a PM with some information.
December 13th, 2008  

Topic: USMC

I am currently a US Marine Drill Instructor in San Diego. I'd be happy to answer any question about Marine Boot Camp.
January 31st, 2009  
I'd like to bump into a PI drill instructor on here and ask him how my boy is doing in boot right now lol
May 24th, 2009  

Topic: need insight

rndersafe.devil its seems to me that you understand alot more than sum individuals on this site. ive been given the run around for 3 yrs. i got alot of questions and desire to finish sumthing i started. could you give me some of your free time for duscussion?
May 24th, 2009  
Originally Posted by 14Juliet
I challenge this rule. What the flying **** is wrong with 3rd person accounts.

Dont give me this "its not accurate." Its as accurate as the person who records it. This is nothing more than an accusation of the quoters being morons, if someone provides false information, sure a rule should punish. Speculation, a rule should punish. If its correct, well then gee golly whiz real terrible aint it. What about actual quotes from the person hismelf. For instance this evening I read letters of my dad from basic training in 1962, apparently basic training restrictions were less back then according to the letters, he bought himself a clock radio at the PX for $10. I'm incompetant and I cant quote a reliable source? Or is my source unreliable? Or do I not understand the wording? Absolutely insulting.
Just stumbled into this thread on the "New posts", and I haven read further than about the 5th entry yet: While generally along the line of the mods here (facts!, no fiction), I must say this post has some merits:

(sorry if anything of this has been posted before, as stated have not yet been through th whole thread)

A long as it is *clearly stated* that someone is reporting hearsay, I would consider this a valid contribution that might (or might not) help just like any 1st person knowledge transmissioned. No guarantees for either, but input to base your decisons on, like in real life.

Dont see why this would require a ban neccesarily (I know a lot of POV contributions to be factually wrong or biased on whatever the person posting had lived through as *personal* experience that might vary quite a bit from the general corps experience).

Also, even if accurate in the time cotext, some of our veteran info might easily be outdated, a ban for this influencing "life altering" COAs should be not appropriate from my POV (e.g., a C160D cockpit is different from what a guy anwsering a general Transie question refers to, based on what he lived in the "A" model, accuracy is not guaranteed, but would you really consider a ban appropriate if author states he is refering to his time frame)? You belive 100% accuracy is possible? Just asking...

My take :

Run open visor, state your bkgnd and knowledge you post from for a certain aspect, do not pretend. State when you are quoting, by whom, his bkgnd, or when you are citing a web source makle it clear that you are doing just this. IMHO this is what is required of any decent person and more so of mil (or ex) mil personell (of whatever nation), so in doing so one cannot be way off. Requiring 100% accuracy (for morally integral persons) would kill any discussion and help.

This said, of cause mods are the gods (and I appreciate it, do not get me wrong, especially here as they do a great job obviously), and their word is law.

May 24th, 2009  

Just realized this only applied to the "joining the mil" section, was not clear from the thread title.

I agree, in this respect things have to be a bit more up-to-date (I unintentionally provided wrong - because outdated - info to a youngster some time ago and regret it).

My above post apllied to gnereal forum discussions.


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thanks and sorry if i ever gave false info
February 8th, 2010  
Originally Posted by Redneck
No need to clarify any more; if it's not 100% verifiable fact, do not post it in the "Joining the Military" forum. At all. Just questions and factual answers.

I personally think it has nothing to do with being stricter. But more with getting or posting accurate up dated information.

But in hindsight the US Issue text books or Recruiting procedures, some do change every year, or are updated.

Therefore what was correct last year might of changed this year, I think a little tolerance should be shown in these cases.
Unless the individual is constantly Posting in that matter.

But hey this is your Show. The New Rule sounds good to me.
April 2nd, 2010  
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Just for sake of reference, From 2008-last month, I:

1) Served as a retention NCO for my Battery.

2) Worked as a Supply SGT within a BCT (Basic Training) Battery at FT Sill, OK.

Might not know everything and policies change on a regular basis. However, if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to help out.
April 3rd, 2010  

Topic: hi

i am gershon from ghana i will like to join the army .
and is it possible for me to join the army form ghana?
if possible then i will be very glad if u can help me by showing me the processes involved in joining the army thanks.