F-35 or Eurofighter? - Page 2

April 17th, 2006  
I prefer the looks of the Eurofighter!
April 17th, 2006  
I prefer the looks of the Eurofighter!
BIG BIG dittos on that lol.

I just dont see the advantages of the JSF the Eurofighter has just as much A2G capabilitie and it can more than handle itself agaisnt anything in the air other than a Raptor.
April 18th, 2006  
I believe there are issues with the US not sharing technology/information regarding the F-35 with european countries like the UK and Norway which will probably mean the eurofighter will be chosen.
April 19th, 2006  
Based on Norway's needs, I would say the euro-fighter.
April 21st, 2006  
MMmmm! Not heard of all the glitches with all these aircraft then! I think what aircraft norway picks it will be a good choice. Bearing in mind the U.K will be Flying both types so i believe what ever is chosen the British will be able to fight off both aircraft against each other and come up with tactics that will play to each others capability.At the moment if i had to choose it would be the EF-2000 Typhoon simply because its flight testing, weapons testing(Meteor is looking mightily impressive) is futher along and due to come in sqn service next year!(I'll believe it when i see it). A short story about stealth, the B2 Spirit had been touted as "the Invisible plane" sure enough come the International Airshow at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire the B2 was doing its display. The day was rainy and i was stood next to the RAF Regt and thier Rapier (Field Standard C)launcher .The guys giving it the "Export talk from Hell" and guess what? it locked on just like that.