Excellence in Calvry ?

January 20th, 2005  

Topic: Excellence in Calvry ?

Does anyone here know what the benifits are being named "EIC" Excellence In Cavlry.
Last time I heard from my son he is in line for "EIC".. Which to qualify you can have no "no Go's" You had to qualify as a sharpshooter he made expert, and you have to pretty much Max your PT right now he has a 233.
I was just wondering if "EIC" makes you qualified for further training or I dont know I really have no idea!
Any info would be appreciated

January 22nd, 2005  
There is an EIC badge, but it refers to Excellence in Competition (Marksmanship). Is your son in the Cavalry? If he is not specifically assigned to the Cavalry, then this may be what he is referring to.
January 22nd, 2005  
I went through the Excellence in Armor program when I did 19E OUST in 1985. I don't know if this is the same type of program but it sounds like it. The idea was to identify potential leaders early on and give them extra training is what I was told. Unfortunately no one told the training NCOs at unit level about it.

What happened to us is the Drill Sgts picked out the best of the trainees aka no nogos and expert qualifications. We basicly attended more classes learning more about the tanks and how things worked. We learned some things that normally you don't learn until you are a SGT/ Gunner. It made OUST tougher what the others did because we did everything that they did plus extra training instead of down time. We were held to a higher standard as well. We could have lost EIA at any time. In the end everyone in EIA went in front of a promotion board. I graduated as 3rd honor grad and as a PFC

A few months later I was pulling CQ with our Company Master Gunner. He
was putting together a test for the tank gunners and commanders for training evaluation. He gave me the test for fun. Because of the EIA training I knew quite a bit of the stuff on the test and that blew him away.
January 24th, 2005  
Yes my son is with the Cavalry. He's at Fort Knox Osut 19D.

Thanks for the info he's in Black Phase right now & has expert on all that he can and 0 no-go's. As far as I understand "EIA" & "EIC" is the same thing. One for Armor one for CAV.

Thank You