Exactly 100 years ago... Merry X-mas, everybody!!

December 25th, 2014  

Topic: Exactly 100 years ago... Merry X-mas, everybody!!

Amid the horror of World War I in the trenches, on Dec. 24, 1914 something happened, unexpected and unpredictable.

In some point of the war front, the German started to put candles on the edge of their trenches and on some nearby trees, then began to sing some traditional Christmas songs; on the other side of the front, the British responded also starting their singing, and after a short time soldiers of both deployment started to enter in the no-man's land, to exchange with the counterparty small gifts such as food, tobacco, alcohol and souvenirs such as buttons of the uniforms and caps.

On Christmas morning the dead were buried, the funerals celebrated. Then the soldiers sang and smoked together. The soldiers of the two sides entertained friendly relations between them to the point of organizing improvised soccer games...
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