‘Evil’ Boston bombings were act of terror

April 16th, 2013  
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Topic: ‘Evil’ Boston bombings were act of terror

Americans respond with heroism and kindness, Obama says.

April 17th, 2013  
Has anyone claimed responsibility?
April 17th, 2013  
RIP the two deaths and speedy recovery, the others.

The hysteria is a worry though! It is some soceopath with access to a pressure cooker and a homicidal bent. Because he's probably NOT a terrorist, just a a sad, isolated, derangd ****wit, they probably will never catch him. What about all the bombings in the middle east going on at the same time, under-reported with hundreds of deaths. The US needs to know that they won't get peace until they **** the oil off and get out of the mideast mire. It's never going to work in the long-term. Vietnam all over again.

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