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November 13th, 2006  
major liability
I want a Su-37 so I can do the most insane aerial maneuvers ever, and then die by forgetting to land.
November 13th, 2006  
The last Su 37 was converted back to the Su 35 varient it was orginally upgraded from.

And the F 35 isnt the fightet the US is spending Billions on ,its the cost effective answer to future areial warfare,

The F 22A, is the one that is costing all together,program cost, managment issues, and last but not least, manufacturing costs, and order reductions and last minute upgrades, closer and closer to the $1,000,000,000,000.00 (1 trillion) mark.

And the aircraft in my avatar, is the Su 47, its Russia's possible answer to the Raptor program, not out of cold relations with the western advances. But out of the need to stay current in air defense, or offense, in some cases.

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