European USMC fan checking-in

September 10th, 2013  

Topic: European USMC fan checking-in

Hello all,

I'm a 24 year old European.
I am fit and sports oriented, bachelor's degree educated in business (studied in the USA where I developed the love for this country, was forced to leave as immigration laws are too difficult to pass through).

For a long time it has been my dream job to serve in the USMC, whether as enlisted or officer.

I've done alot of research on this (US army enlistment)
and I know it's pretty hopeless . I applied twice to the green card lottery (it seems I absolutely require a green card to enlist and cant be an officer) and did not win, considering the odds.

But here it is: Since about 15 years of age, it has now been 9 years (almost 10!!) somehow I still haven't given up and my wanting to enlist is still strong as ever . Somehow I feel there is no alternative that would fulfill my life needs as the US military and especially the USMC.

So I will be here monitoring discussions on the subject of green cards, participating and asking questions

On the physical side and every other topic...I am not worried as if I ever got the opportunity to go to boot camp I wouldn't waste it. Hell I would scrub floors for days and do just about anything if I was allowed that chance. Even if they asked me to sign 20 years of my life as enlisted I'd sign in a heartbeat. Yes that's how much I love the USMC.

Anyway...Thank you for the opportunity to discuss here, and to talk about the great institutions of the military.

Semper Fi !!
September 10th, 2013  
Cne C
Welcome aboard
September 11th, 2013  
Welcome aboard and best of luck.

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