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July 27th, 2004  
First off, let me say this, nobody wins in a nuclear war. My little story is dependant on the FUTURE leaders of the world realising this and deciding that better to lose millions in a conventional war than billions in a nuclear war. I never claimed to be an expert on the subject, that was the very first thing I said in the first post, this is purely my opinion, I am not that good of a writer and I have not heavily researched the subject. This is purely from watching the hisory channel, alot, and following the same basic story line (Russia invaded a divided Europe) and put my own twists on it.

This is by no means a perfect story and it is not a masterpiece of modern literature, keep in mind, this is just my opinion, I have pitched this story before and I have met some very heavy citicism, like I am starting to get now.

Nuclear weapons kill all, mothers, children, grandparents and soldiers alike. I can not imagine anything like this so hence I can not write about something like that, it is to disturbing and I refuse to do it.

Anyways, I am back for one day before I go down to Kansas and will once again be unable to access this site.

And about basic training, I think I am ready for that, I play Football, Basketball, and Baseball, I have been told by other people that joined the armed forces that they trained harder for High School sports than they did in the military, so I feel that I am pretty well prepared for basic. I did have quite the realisation while at my Aunts though that should the worse happen that may be the last time I ever see Leech Lake and that shook me up quite a bit, but once I got ovet that thought I was able to enjoy the first half of my vacaton.
July 27th, 2004  
England Expects (RAF Cdt)
Excellent story Damien, you've got a pretty concept of writing and I'm looking forward to the finale of the story.