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Europe funding terrorist
July 22nd, 2005  
Europe funding terrorist
Originally Posted by Doc.S
Well Rabs even if it is a bit off topic I can say like this. Socialism today s nothing of what it once was, in the 80s for an example. Today the swedish economy looks good on the paper and when they dream. In reality the swedish economy have been on a nice steady fall all since 1993, and all our gov do is increase taxes and making harder rules for the common people so they have less freedom to really break free from the system they so often are trapped within. Unemployment is hidden behind different EU employment projects and new rules in the social security laws makes it possible to hide even more in the schools even if 34% of all university students today walks straight out in unemployment togheter with probably 45% of the upper secondary school students leaving also going to unemployment.

The socialists togheter with the Leftwing (Their political leader is an outspoken communist - Look in to it for yourselves if you dont believe me. Lars Ohly ) and the Green party have destroyed what your friend have done a work on. Perhaps in the mid 80s there was something that was called thriving economy. This country is soon only a shadow of its old self. This country is dying from the inside out and there is nothing that will change over here untill there is a smaller revolution or a new world war that may effect this countrys economy in a positive direction. EU has made it easy for our gov to run modern slavery without anyone noticing it. They are hidden behind projects and such things. offcourse those who are rich or has it fairly good since they are born in the right socialist bloodline has nothing to worry about. Modern slavery founds the existens of thousands in sweden at the moment.

Their wages are on a so called existence minimums so you get roof over your head and food every second day with todays food prices. This is not talked about cause there is only 50.000 people perhaps doing this right now. But their 8 hours at day makes all parks and the different municipality around this country look as it always have done. Nice and clean that is. Well the number of people walking straight in to this modern slavery in a so called democracy is growing every year that goes by. And offcourse, this can only work for about 10 more years or something. Then I think with this gov still in power, we will have a civil war or something.

And thats because those who once was taking care of the parks earlier was fired or in other ways moved to this employment projects as they are called. I have not seen your friends work but what ever source he may have looked at, he has the illusion report of this once great economy in his hands. Sweden today get me to think about the U.S.S.R and Stalin. We are for all I know, on a direct course to make another Soviet fall thats for sure. Problem with sweden is that there are no real political opposite poles. Thats why those who are rich get richer and those who are poor get poorer.

Over here you will only find corruption from the top all the way down to the cleaning lady, a tall poppies syndrome you find everywhere, it is a very small country. And to add something new to your friends work. Today our gov have approved 3500 new university positions so there will be 3500 new unemployed people then this year that comes.

Totally agree with you. I have been living here in Sweden for one year and there are so many things that i do not understand...
The taxes you pay are incredible...They do not incentivate people to work.

I can not understand that you had a socialist goverment for almost 100 years with 2 small breaks. I think that for a democracy is very important to change the politicians, too much time in the power will make them extremely corrupt.

I think that the swedish goverment uses the subsidies in order to make the people happy in keep their selfs in the goverment. The father of my girlfriend told me the other day that is very common to place old members of the goverment in brand new created departments in order to have them getting money. It seems that the all sistem here is made to perpetuate the socialist goverment.

Another thing that is strange for me is that ambassadors are elected by the goverment, in Spain they must go to the Diplomatic school and then pass a really hard exam, they must be politically independent.

Hope that in next elections you will remove this parasites from the goverment.