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October 6th, 2005  
go have a read at http://www.iremember.ru/index_e.htm

That will explain a few things about Stalingrad and how the Russians fought through the war.

Lots of BS will be settled quickly. Read the story from a female sniper.

also http://www.eng.9may.ru/eng_album/

Yes Penal Battalions were often sent in to "Break Up" mine fields, the saying was if you were in the PB there were 2 ways out "Win or Die".

Also, at the Tractor Factory in Stalingrad, T-34's were rolling off at one end unpainted, getting a crew and going to the other end to fight. That is "close quarter fighting" in the extreme.
October 10th, 2005  

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Originally Posted by MadeInChina
IS the movie really true to its sources? did the russians really charge during stalingrad
I belive russians did charged during Stalingrad. But I also belive Vasilli is a real man during Battle of Stalingard. I have seen this movie. It's good.
October 15th, 2005  
It is kinda difficult to have a battle if one of the two sides refuses to attack. The Russians did make hundreds, if not thousands of attacks, one man, squad, platoon, company, regiment, brigade, divisional attacks, army attacks, and finally, the astoundingly successful multi-army attack that surrounded and destroyed the German 6th Army. In addition, nobody ever said that Vasily Zaitsev did not exist. He did indeed exist and he was one of the most successful snipers in Stalingrad. He survived the war, and his life and accomplishments have been well documented. All we're saying is that thhe story about the German sniper, Koenigs, Koenig, Konig or whatever other name you read did not happen. The faacts are as follows:
1. There were many snipers from both sides active in Stalingrad.
2. There were many sniper duels in Stalingrad.
3. Many German snipers probably tried to kill Zaitsev.
4. Not one sniper was ever sent from Berlin specifically to kill Zaitsev.

That's it.