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Hillary Clinton 10 27.78%
Condoleezza Rice 16 44.44%
I'll vote for almost anyone as long as its not one of those two ladies. 7 19.44%
I just wouldn't vote at all then. 3 8.33%
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April 27th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Charge 7
Bush can't run again. The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution forbids anyone from having a third term. This was, of course, enacted after FDR.
i know that its just that if Bush could run again i would vote for him.

GOOOOO!!!!BUSSSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!1let him kick ass.
April 30th, 2005  
No one in the bush administration should be elected ever.
April 30th, 2005  
Young Winston
Originally Posted by RankIt
This is so wierd. I can't believe beaver teeth is winning.

I completely don't trust the Bush administration at all anymore.
The clinton's have always been known as intelligent and Hilary could run from an example from Bill but she can probably lead the nation even better.

If Condy get's in. Americans should be scared of what the future holds.
I agree. By the time 2008 comes around Bush will be completely on the nose. Condy is "too in love" with Bush and will be politically damaged because of it.

The economy and social security reform are going to bring down the Republicans.
May 6th, 2005  
silent driller

Topic: Re: Election 2008. What if its Hillary Clinton vs Condi Ric

Originally Posted by godofthunder9010
Okay, simple question and borrowing from other thread's discussion. Lets just see what everyone thinks.

Its Election 2008 and the Republican candidate is Condoleezza Rice. The Democratic Party candidate is Hillary Clinton. Who would you vote for?
Hillary Clinton?
Condoleezza Rice?
Anybody but one of the two of them?
June 3rd, 2005  
Jason Bourne
overall i think that Rice is a very intelligent women but i don't think she would make a good president.

June 3rd, 2005  
hey you're back

Last i heard you were hiding out in India, but then someone said they spotted you in Russia.
June 3rd, 2005  
Jeb Bush will be the winner regardless of who else runs.
June 10th, 2005  
MI Blues

Topic: Hillary or Condoleeza? What is it with Bill and Hillary?

Bill and Hillary remind me an awful lot of another well-to-do political pair:

Juan and Eva Peron

Juan Peron was a military man - a hard-liner - who went left when he was shown that the left was the way for him to get to the top. In other words, an opportunist, like Bill Clinton - who truly had no convictions (though many accusations) - and was, like most centrists, adept at moving whichever way the wind happened to be blowing.

Eva Peron was the spurned illegitimate daughter of a middle-class argentinian, and grew up hating the bourgoise (middle class) - typical of all marxist-communist-socialist types. She believed, like so many others, that the government must take care of ALL of the people, because they could not possible take care of themselves. This sounds remarkably like Hillary, doesn't it.

Eva and Hillary are both true believers. They both married opportunists.

In my book, the opportunist is the more predictable animal. The true believer, especially when you disagree with their belief - is the most dangerous political animal in the jungle.

So that is why I fear the US under Hillary's leadership. And I will vote Condi, or whoever else is on the ticket to oppose her.
June 11th, 2005  
rotc boy
vote nader!
June 20th, 2005  
Wow, its been awhile since I had a chance to check the forums ...

Thought the following might make an interesting addition:

Looks like the Democratic Party isn't too likely to run anyone but Hillary.