El Salvador sends 148 troops to Iraq on rotation mission

August 14th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: El Salvador sends 148 troops to Iraq on rotation mission

Media: Xinhua
Byline: n/a
Date: 13 August 2006

MEXICO CITY -- El salvador sent 148 soldiers on Sunday to Iraq to
replace the country's current troops stationed in the war-torn Arab
country, according to reports reaching here.
The new group of soldiers on Sunday morning left their base 44 km south
of the capital, and took a U.S. aircraft destined for Iraq.
The Salvadoran Defense Ministry said that a second group of 132 soldiers
and a third of 100 would fly to Iraq on Monday and Wednesday respectively
to form the 380-strong new and seventh contingent of the country's
Cuscatlan Battalion in Iraq. The sixth contingent of an equal number has
been there for nearly six months.
The soldiers are from the Air Force, Navy, Military Health Service,
Corps of Engineers, and Special Forces.
The Ministry said that the force would contribute to humanitarian work
including reconstruction and "consolidating peace in Iraq."
El Salvador is the only Latin American nation that maintains troops in
Iraq in the U.S.-led coalition. Four soldiers have been killed and around
30 others injured during the country's three-year military presence in

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