....editting what u think about muslims... really important

December 3rd, 2004  

Topic: ....editting what u think about muslims... really important

hi every body..
im a 15 years old girl..
im not in the military or any thing.. i just wanted 2 edit somethings that u think about muslims...
i didnt inturduce my self in the welcoming center..
i wanted 2 start here i guess its because every body has 2 come past here..and i wanted every body 2 read this its really important..
im not very good in english i hope u under stand me...

most of the muslims r really upset about the terrorism that happend from people who represent islam and we r relly sorry that they do..they gave all the people a bad picture about muslims.. i mean i dont know what were they thinking killing inesent people.. thats not what islam orderd us 2 do...we were orderd 2 respect other religions...its just that when they went 2 afghanstan they gave them a brain wash and sent them back 2 start planing bad plans and killing them selves(by the way commiteng suicide is restrected in our religion) and other people who dont disirve 2 dye.. i mean i wish i could find those terrorist and get rid of them all... they really shouldnt do that...
i have lots of friends from Italy from England and from America that i really love and not just me almost all of the muslims like people from other religons and even movie stars..i mean i love Brad Pitt i'v got pictures of him all over my room .. and i try 2 catch on all of his movies..
and once again not just me even other muslims who like other movies stars who r not muslims...
so in our socity we dont count those terrorist as muslims..
we call them people who r wearing a muslims clothes and under stood islam in a wrong way absoulitlly diffrient from how islam really is ..
and trying 2 give a bad picture of islam..
i mean i really get upset when people say bad things about islam... it really is a great religion its a fair religion and gives everybody its rights
its a religion that calls 4 harmony between other religons and other socity i relly dont know were the got the idea of killing poeple who r not muslims...
we r relly ashamed from them..
we just hope that u 2 dont count them as muslims just as we dont...

well... good luck under standing what i said ....
and sorry 4 the bad spelling...

December 3rd, 2004  
Hello. Welcome to the forum. I have read all you wrote, and I am very happy to read such words from a Muslim girl. I do believe most muslims see terrorists as bad people and I do believe that most Muslims(and people in general) love peace and do not wish to see war.
December 3rd, 2004  
well thanks im really glad 2 read that...
December 3rd, 2004  

Topic: good

I see at least there are some people left that stand up for the real reasons and have the guts to say the truth....................for a 15yr old girl you got guts and i respect that hun...........................

what people think about muslims now is what was thought about catholics and prodistants a long time ago, its a shame that for a group of people's actions the whole community get the blame..............thats just so wrong.........

I mean when america put a ban on people with a muslim name to come into the country that was a big no no and so wrong.............why be discriminated against for your religion...............its exactly like it was in the 1940's now.......................shall we discriminate and be racist against the irish and african or jamacains!! that is what society is now telling us................

Thank you for standing up and actually explaining your beliefs and thoughts that took guts!
December 3rd, 2004  
When did we ban Muslim names there, Anya? No need for a response here, but in the future avoid posting false accusations.

atheer, welcome to the forums, I enjoyed reading your post and hope to see more from you.
December 3rd, 2004  

Topic: true

it is not false.................cat steven's, a famous singer hads changed his name to an islam/muslim name aka yusaf now he was refused entry into usa..................saying that they were filtering out names..........

its true and i ain't poating false accusations
December 3rd, 2004  
Stay on topic. If you want to press the point, start another thread, but unless you can back up your rather extravagent accusations with some fact, I would suggest that you keep them to yourself.
December 3rd, 2004  
Hi atheer,

Glad to hear those beautoful thought ....................i think more and more people like you should come into public.................thats the only way people will know more about islam..................it will clear those clouds of supesion.

BTW. Anya1982 thast is not a ban it is a fear of Muslim Names and yes i too know a few of high profile people that were enied asscess because of their Name but lets not spoil this Beautiful thread

Good Luck
December 3rd, 2004  
I respect you atheer. Youll have the craic here.

You have a great country in Saudi and I also had the pleasure of carrying Oman into the opening ceromony in the special Olympics. Realy nice people.

Welcome, Failte rom
December 3rd, 2004  
welcome to the forum

there are a few of us here that understand that the islamic religion isn't to blame, but the fanatics that take it too far. it's like that with any religion. but it never hurts to reinforce the fact that you can't generalize a group of people based on a few bad apples.