Ecuador wants military base in Miami(more like DEMANDS base in Miami) - Page 3

October 26th, 2007  
A Can of Man
That's what I'd do. Here, have a base. Have fun paying the bills.
October 27th, 2007  

Topic: Ecuador's going to join OPEC

Ecuador has been formally invited to participate in OPEC's heads of state summit on Nov. 17-18 in Riyadh. It would become OPEC's smallest producer with output of around 500,000 barrels per day. The country left OPEC in 1992.

Maybe they could afford a base after all, but just a small rented one. I saw this and thought to add it into the thread. I see the ties to Venezuela and maybe down the road ties to Bolivia's. I remember reading a ways back that Chavez was funding 20 new army garrisons/bases in Bolivia. Haven't heard anything on it in a long time but there's big time natural gas in Bolivia so Chavez can't be far away.


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