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January 25th, 2012  
No one ever mentions the RAF squadrons that fought in Russia along side the Russian ones.
January 25th, 2012  
Marcelo Jenisch
Originally Posted by LeEnfield
No one ever mentions the RAF squadrons that fought in Russia along side the Russian ones.
Recently, I have read a curious story of the last veteran of such squadrons:

BTW, another interesting info:

It should also be remembered that as early as 1942, when the war was still undecided, Stalin was offered an Anglo-American bomber force that would operate from the Caucasus beginning in 1943, but for political reasons he rejected the proposal, desiring only the aircraft.4 The $11 billion of Lend-Lease also provided raw materials, foodstuffs, and technical assistance vital to Soviet sustenance and production.

Makes me wonder if the Allies could not have cooperated better if wasn't for their political bias...

People also should be considerate the participation of the Poles, French and other Allies in '39-40, that despite their defeats, inflicted casualities on the Germans, particularly in aircraft. The Free French and the Poles also continued to fight to fight through the war.

Ah, and while not a critical participation, will have to promote my country as well: [ame=""]Brazil at War (1943) - YouTube[/ame]

The only South American country to sent troops to the war, to Italy, more than 25,000 men of Army and Air Force, as well as some U-boats sunk in our coast. We certainly would have helped the Allies much more if needed.

PS: For those who not know, in the newsreel Rio is mentioned as capital, but since 1960 our capital is Brasilia.
January 28th, 2012  
Marcelo Jenisch
Another thing I don't think it's fair is the desconsideration of the wars fought in the Mediterranean/Africa and in the Pacific. The Soviets only entered in the latter, and while they helped a lot, they entered in a period when Japanese defeat was all but certain for years already.

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