East and Southeast Asia -- Everybody Takes Sides

November 27th, 2004  

Topic: East and Southeast Asia -- Everybody Takes Sides

Imagine for a moment that tomorrow, a full-scale war breaks out in East Asia. Its India vs China. A magical hand in the sky intercepts all nuclear launches, so its down to 100% conventional warfare. Everyone who is not absolutely and completely neutral must commit to one side or the other. For reasons unknown, all of Europe and the United States have chosen to stay completely out of it. Russia is in it too, since they're an Asian country.

I'm curious, who would side with who and why? Some of the choices seem obvious, but what about places like Kazakstan? Indonesia and Malasia?
November 27th, 2004  
Kazakstan would probably follow Russia, Indonesia and Malasia would follow China most likly because they like being nt invaded.

However some other questions or what about Australia., I personaly think they would follow America's example. Most likly so would Africa . South Korea and Japan may decide to go along with Russia or they may stay Nuetral.

Then you have Pakistane wich would go with China, not cause they like um but because they hate India. The whole of the Middle East(Iran,Saudi Arabia,Israel and all of them) would most likly be involved since it is on basicly thier continant ( if you want to use that phrasing) However I am not sure what side they would claim.
November 27th, 2004  
Getting Islam to unite for a common cause? Sounds great on paper but that's tricky in real life. For one thing, Kazakstan and Uzbekestan are technically Islamic, but I don't doubt you're right that they would go along with Russia. Saudi Arabia could really go either way on things and the same goes for the rest of the Middle East. Only Pakistan has a strong vested interest in being on one side or the other.

Vietnam has no reason whatsoever to love China and would more likely side with India and Russia. Laos and Cambodia would tag along, no doubt. I'm not sure about Thailand and Burma (can't remember the new name for it). I don't think that China can count on Indonesia ... they'd likely be a strong candidate for neutrality. Malasya is also very tough to call.
November 27th, 2004  
All of the nations below China Such as Loas and Nam could go with China for the simple fact they do not want to be invaded. Russia has like 1/5 of the Chinese Economy and India has around half of the size. However China has more man power than any nation in the world. around 1.2 Billion People. If You get yourself a good draft going on in China and send the women to the facotoreis you can get some stuff done. Saudi Arabia could also go Nuetral, However Most Likly (I hate to say it) OPEC would make a decision for the major oil producing nations for simple fact that if they sold to China then Russia would get mad and if they sold to Russia china would get made.
November 27th, 2004  

The scenerio is like one is forced to Join one group right

1. Russia : India and they are Traditional Allies form the soviet era.

2. Most of the broken Soviet farctions(takikistan, kyrgyzstan : Most of them don't matter........but like if they have to choose one side it will be the side Russia Chooses

3 You Specially asked for Kazakstan : it's i think the second largest former Fraction that broke off .............Russia Still maintains a huge Millitary presence and say in and around ..the internal matters of all these Broken Fraction..............most probably they will join them.................because they have no point in joining China.

4. Iraq , Iran , Saudi Arabia : Not Sure about them But they have better ties with India than China.

5 Isreal : A tricky one ............They tradionally can't join China , but If Midle east Joins Indian Fraction they can't join India ..........it just depends which way the Middle East Go

6 UAE : Almost all of the rest of the UAE has a good Relation with India...........but it's a tricky one related to Isreal still.

7. Most of the East Ashian Countries : they will probably go with China........most of them don't have much interaction with India ..............and i think they will probably not trust them in the situation of war.

8 Japan , South Korea : Going to China i don't think is a option for them...........But thngs do change pretty quickly.

7 Austeralia , Africa : i have my Doubts that they will join anyone.

8 Almost Forgot Pakistan : Goes this way ----------> China

November 27th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Dameon
However China has more man power than any nation in the world. around 1.2 Billion People.
India almost equals them, so I don't think anybody is going to be intimidated by China's population because its almost entirely offset by India's. Here's the info on world populations: http://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/ipc/idbrank.pl

Countries Ranked by Population:
1 China 1,306,313,812
2 India 1,080,264,388
3 United States 295,734,134
4 Indonesia 241,973,879
5 Brazil 186,112,794
6 Pakistan 162,419,946
7 Bangladesh 144,319,628
8 Russia 143,420,309
9 Nigeria 128,771,988
10 Japan 127,417,244
11 Mexico 106,202,903
12 Philippines 87,857,473
13 Vietnam 83,535,576
14 Germany 82,431,390
15 Egypt 77,505,756
16 Ethiopia 73,053,286
17 Turkey 69,660,559
18 Iran 68,017,860
19 Thailand 65,444,371
20 France 60,656,178
21 United Kingdom 60,441,457
22 Congo (Kinshasa) 60,085,004
23 Italy 58,103,033
24 Korea, South 48,422,644
25 Ukraine 47,425,336
26 South Africa 44,344,136
27 Colombia 42,954,279
28 Burma 42,909,464
29 Spain 40,341,462
30 Sudan 40,187,486
Of course you see most of your major players in this thing right there in the top 30.

Indochina was invaded by China before in about 1980 and the Chinese got their butts kicked right back out of there. I don't think that Indochina is all that scared of China. With India onboard, I don't think they're scared one bit.

Japan and the Phillipines have too tense of a relationship with China to not side with India.

I disagree with the idea that Australia stays neutral. They've got a lot to lose.

Prolly right about OPEC wanting to be neutral.

Originally Posted by Swordfish_13
The scenerio is like one is forced to Join one group right
Yes. Unless the nation in question is unbelievably obvious that they'd stay out, everyone picks a side.
November 27th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Indonesia side with China? Maybe when hell freezes over.
November 27th, 2004  
oh,no .if russia joined india,China have to face a very difficult situation.
November 27th, 2004  
Heyhey, Ask me this questions man! I am Malaysian!

Ok, my story starts from THE COLD WAR. During that time Malaysia was not on any side of the 2 great powers. Malaysia united all the ASEA regions and built a ZOPFAN (In Malay words it's "Zon Aman,Bebas, dan Berkecuali". Which means "Peace,Free,and Neutral Zone") body. So the whole ASEA did not depended on anyone or on anyside either under this body objective. Until today this ZOPFAN still remain there.

ZOPFAN contains something like "not allowing USA to send nuclear weapon" through the ASEA sea (Melacca strait more specifically). Freely to have diplomatic relations wif either communist or decromatic countries (Malaysia were the first country to have diplomatic relationship with China if I am not mistaken,and before this we already had diplomatic relationship with USA, Britain, etc)

So when there's a future war between this 2 great Nations, whole ASEAN region will just remain neutral. ZOPFAN will still take place.
November 27th, 2004  

Topic: Re: East and Southeast Asia -- Everybody Takes Sides

1. There is NO magical hand in the sky to intercept all nukes.

2. The chance of China and India go to war in almost ZERO.

3. It makes no sense of any other Asian countries to take part in this war, btw their military contribution to this war is almost meaningless.