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September 1st, 2004  
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This is just "icing" on the cake for me as I am sick and tired of the NBA and their "superstar" attitudes towards the game. I love TEAM USA in everything but when it comes to NBA players I couldn't be any happier to see them lose---not just once but THREE times in the Olympics.
Right on...I have grown to despise the NBA players over the years. They are just too full of themselves. I bet those guys thought gold was a sure thing. Maybe I should send the team a letter letting them know how happy I am that they lost. I think next summer olympics, college stars should play. They would better represtent the US.
I hear you both on that. I remember watching tapes of Larry Byrd's Celtics and really enjoying the game, but now I can't even watch half of one, and the college players are starting to get as bad as the pros. I wouldn't say that I wanted them to lose, though, I'd say that I just didn't give a flying......
September 1st, 2004  
This was unexpected how?

Ok most of the last Olympic team didn't want to play. PLus I always liked college athletes because they have more motivation.

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