Donations to aid Tsunami Victims. (National/International)

Donations to aid Tsunami Victims. (National/International)
December 30th, 2004  

Topic: Donations to aid Tsunami Victims. (National/International)

Donations to aid Tsunami Victims. (National/International)
Thrusted National and International Aid Organizations

There have already been reports/rumors of fake sites/organizations accepting "donations" to aid the victims of the Tsunami disaster....

Please, do ONLY donate to well known aid organizations and sites!

I've started this thread so you could post thrusted National and International aid organizations/sites you can donate to if you want to help!

Every little penny/cent/crown etc. counts, no donation is too small.
You can even donate clothes, gear etc. to your local aid organizations.
Over 5,000,000 have lost everything they owned, including their homes, clothes, money, food.
Drinking water have been polluted all over the area..

The total number of confirmed dead are over 125,000 now, and the numbers will rise (maybe double or more) if we can't get clean water, food and medicine into the disaster areas now!

Updates on this disaster will be posted here all the time:

Spread the info to your friends and family, and tell them they they can make a difference!
(You can copy and paste the URL of this thread if you want, but no spamming please...)

Links and info about National and International Aid Organizations:

Norwegian Aid Organizations:

Norges Røde Kors:
Givertelefon: 820 43 000 (100 kroner)
Kontonummer: 10 (i nettbank: 8200.06.08331)

Norsk Folkehjelp:
Givertlf: 820 43 088 (100,-)
Kontonummer: 9001.05.00000

Kirkens Nødhjelp:
Du kan betale med kort på nettstedet.
Givertelefon: 820 43 033 (100,-)
Kontonummer: 100 (1602.40.26535)

Redd Barna:
Du kan betale med kort på nettstedet.
Givertelefon: 820 43 004
Kontonummer: 50 (8200.01.03000)

Leger uten grenser:
Givertelefon: 820 43 203 (100,-)
Kontonummer: 101 (5010.05.53500)

Care Norge:
Givertelefon: 820 43 053
Kontonummer: 35 (8200.01.40046)

Givertelefon: 820 43 700 (100 kr)
Kontonummer: Konto 15 (nett-/telegiro: 1644.04.09400)

Givertelefon: 820 43 073 (100 kr)
Bankgiro 8380 08 73730 (merk nødhjelp Asia)
Send SMS "SOS" til 1989 og gi 30 kroner

Givertelefon: 820 43 003 (100 kr)
Kontonummer: 3000.42.00000.

Givertelefon: 820 43 013 (100 kr)
Bankkonto 5; eller 6318.09.53878

Givertelefon: 820 43 012 (100 kr)
Kontonummer 7220.05.36003.

Plan Norge
Givertelefon: 820 43 211 (100 kr)
Kontonummer: 7874.06.20850

Givertelefon: 820 43777 (100 kr)
Kontonummer: 8200 01 74625

Kontonummer: 8200.01.93433. (Merk innbetalingen "Flodbølge Sri Lanka").

Tamilsk rehabiliteringsorganisasjon
Kontonummer: 7054 63 46593.

International Aid Organizations:


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

Save the Children


World Food Programme

International Rescue Comitee

PLAN International

World Concern

Iternational Medical Corps

Doctors Without Borders

Christian Childrens Fund

MAP International

These are all I can come up with right now...

Please add sites, phone numbers etc. for thrusted aid organizations in your home country
Do also post other international organizations as well, if I have forgot any on my list.
December 30th, 2004  

Red Cross Office Near You
You can Submit your Donation by Walking into One.......Not just Money but anything you can spare..........Food items , Colthes, Blankets etc

Although President Bush has urged American people to Donate in cash as Cash travels faster.......But still .

Direct Relief International
(805) 964-4767
Fax: (805) 681-4838

Add: Direct Relief International
27 S. La Patera Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Habitat for Humanity International

Partner Service Center
Habitat for Humanity International
121 Habitat St.
Americus, GA 31709-3498

Telephone: (229) 924-6935, ext. 2551 or 2552

India ( Funds To be used for India Alone )

PM's Relief Fund

Note to Indian's Abroad: India has Rejeceted the Aid From Foreign Countries But not form Internation Aid Agencies .....They are actively working here......So do not hesitate to Donate to them.

I would Like to add one thing here the amount of Concern and warmth people have showed Around the world is just phenomenal .............Look at the Private Donations in Bratain and Italy Alone Amounted to around 53 Million and when we Compare this to 35 Million Pleaged by US Government ......this is just out of the world .

Private donations meanwhile were particularly high, even "phenomenal" in Britain and Italy, which amounted to a total of 53 million dollars.

British charities under the umbrella of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) said their appeals had netted 20 million pounds in aid in 48 hours. Source

January 1st, 2005  

BBC has set up a very Good Page Asian disaster: How to help ..............Which Lists Most of the Well known Organisations involved in the Releaf Operation provides a Breif Description about the Organisation and the role they are Playing and Which Areas they are Involved in can visit it here .

Asian disaster: How to help

For US Citizens

Presiden Bush has been encouraging People to Donate through FreedomCorps Web site .

It's Government Run Website to (Notice the gov inthe end of the Url)

Donations to aid Tsunami Victims. (National/International)
January 10th, 2005  
Theres a big list but i will take what i Can remember (besides redcross etc):

this is a national aid (might work for other people as well as they do take credit cards) they have medical personel in the most trubbeled areas of southasia

Läkare Utan Gränser (Doctors without boundries, roughtly translated)