Does China still love Sun Yet Sen today?

March 14th, 2005  

Topic: Does China still love Sun Yet Sen today?

Sun Yet Sen defeated the Qing Dynasty in 1911. Even though he wasn't a Communists, but a Nationalists! Does the China of today still love him or consider him a rebel?
March 14th, 2005  
china never considered him as rebel, in fact, he is considered one of the most important person in our history and a hero which stand up for the chinese people in that unforgiving time. his action was beyond the political identity, that is give all his life for his country- china, for its future, independence and most of all, national unity.
March 15th, 2005  

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K-19 said it all. 8)
March 15th, 2005  
respect him at most for his work

he is not considered an enemy as most of westerns would think

jiangjieshi was just warlord in teh army in which he took power from the kmt, he does not represetn all of kmt and that changed the face of it
March 15th, 2005  
Um, interesting and professional question.

Mr. Sun Yat-Sen was a Nationalist indeed. As for love or hate? I dont want to get in emotion.

There are a subtle meaning - in Chinese, the Nationalism and the State-ism is different words today. No problem, when a Nation-State accepts the concept Nationalism, because in this case, the Nationalism and the State-ism is same; But when China accepts the concept Nationalism instead of the concept State-ism, we would have big inner problem.

The Nationalism Movement was just the things Mr. Sun Yat-Sen did, then his inheritor Chiang Kai-Shek was also did that.

What was the outcome? Various inner-country Nationalism Movement; The country have been divided; The country's interest had been threw into mud. The extensively inner babelism occured at that time. The Nationalists might do few things. The people became divided.

IMO, the State-ist's victory and the Nationalist's lost is more exact to describe Mao's victory and Chiang Kai-Shek's lost. The Nationalist's lost due to the intelligentsia omitted the different notions.

Does the China of today still love him or consider him a rebel?
IMHO, Too many babels we already have. Too many identities were introduced, such as class, nation, religion, etc. It causes divided-people state. We ought to get back the traditional United-people-country thinking.

Maybe it is harsh to other forum members. If so, sorry I don't want to offend anybody.