Disinformation - 22 media myths

April 3rd, 2006  

Topic: Disinformation - 22 media myths

I higly recommend this book by Richard Miniter:

"Disinformation: 22 media myths that undermine the war on terror"

ISBN 0-89526-006-9

A wery well written and documented source of some widely believed myths, like whether Usama has a sick kidneys, or whether he has been sponsored by the US or his alleged wealth, etc.

Very interesting to read and could be very useful if you have to talk about these issues!
April 3rd, 2006  
Airborne Eagle
I read this book about a year or so ago. Good reading, but like all contemporary books, you need to re-revew his articles for accuracy.

Not an implication of inaccuracy or deception. It's just that new things come out all the time that can reinforce or refute what was set into print just a year prior.