Discharged in '07...

April 22nd, 2010  
Trans-Am Josh

Topic: Discharged in '07...

This one is a question for any Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, or Sailors that can answer it. Though I think a Marine might have an easier time answering as I was in the Corps.

My end of active service came up in February of 2007. I took a month of terminal leave and was let out with a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge. This will be the subject of my question.

When I was discharged my average proficiency and conduct ratings in service were 4.2/4.1. When I found out that I would most likely be getting a General discharge my SSGT informed me he would be going to bat for me and inquiring as to why due to the fact that my pros/cons rated an honorable discharge.

We called the regimental adjutant who informed us that proficiency and conduct marks are the only things to be considered when a marine is separating due to end of active service. Other reasons for separation may warrant a general discharge even if the Marine in question had sufficient pro/con ratings for an honorable discharge. I was not being let go for any other reason than my EAS.

So my SSGT and I took a trip to the CP and waited to see my company 1stSgt. He informed us that previously I had been given pro/con ratings that were too high because they were given during a period of time after I had been the subject of non judicial punishment for under age drinking. He informed us that he was going to suggest this discharge and that if I liked he would go back and change the pro/con ratings to the proper marks and that would drop my average low enough for an Other Than Honorable discharge.

Our 1stSgt had done a similar thing to another Marine in our shop who had EAS'd before me in an attempt to give him an OTH discharge. My SSGT went to bat pointing out that his pro/con ratings were too high for that and the error was corrected. He conveyed to me his disbelief at the fact that there was nothing that could be done for me since I was by all measures a superior Marine to the one who had EAS'd before. Wanting to be done with the military at the time, I took my 1stSgt's words at face value even though I suspected he was doing this because of a personal dislike for me. I was just looking to go home finally and just wind down from the military life.

Since then I have begun to question the validity of his explanation. I have also began to wonder at my chances of having my discharge reviewed and consequently changed to Honorable due to the fact that I separated under no circumstances other than EAS with pro/con marks that rated an honorable discharge.

My questions are four fold: what is the maximum proficiency and conduct ratings you can be given after non judicial punishment?

What is the ammount of time after NJP that you are required to be given these low scores?

After pro/con ratings are entered into the system, can they be changed legally?

Are there any legitimate reasons a Marine who separates due to his EAS with my pro/con ratings would be given a General discharge under honorable conditions?

Thank you to anyone who answers these and I will be more than happy to answer any additional questions anyone may have.
April 22nd, 2010  
Trans-Am Josh
I would also like to note that my separation code was MKB1 which as I understand it is basically fulfillment of military service.
April 24th, 2010  
Did you have any NJP's or page 11 entries?

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