did anything change with the steroid problem in sports?

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July 6th, 2005  

Topic: did anything change with the steroid problem in sports?

There was a lot of talk about what to do about competitive steroid use in sports, especially baseball, did they fix anything or is it just status quo? I really think this is a bad influence on kids since all anyone wants to do is win instead of just enjoying the game. My highschool football coach always wanted us to do our best and that was good enough, now it's you have to win. What happened, at least in non pro sports.
August 19th, 2005  
i want to get my facts checked before i vote on this one.

isnt it true that steroid testing in MLB is random? as in they are chosen (by the mlb commission, the teams and the players union)? so wouldnt that mean certain guaranteed steroid users could get away without being tested? it's all politics. make friends with the right people, and they wont vote to have you tested, and vice versa.

so technically, there could be a larger steroid use problem than we thought, because all the steroid users could be helping each other out. on the surface, it seems odd to think that a yankees guy might NOT vote a sox guy up for steroid testing, but if they knew voting that sox player up would mean they would also be tested and booted, the yankees guy would do it to save his own ass, right?

it's all politics, if you ask me. and until we have a system where we have testing for every player, throughout the entire year (and not just during baseball season), we'll continue to have problems.

but let me know if any of that is wrong.
September 27th, 2005  
It created an acknowledged awareness of steriods as a problem. More and more "sluggers" are coming down with "injuries" that are suddenly keeping them off the field. Players and team personnel are starting to come forward occasionally and saying they know about steriod use. Admitting a problem is the first step.