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June 18th, 2005  

Topic: Derek Jeter

well, a couple minutes ago, Derek Jeter hit his first ever career Grand Slam!! i'm not a Yankees fan, but i figured some of them had to be here, so what do you guys think?
June 19th, 2005  
The Other Guy
Personally, i think he's a
August 14th, 2005  
Well i'm a yankees fan so WHOOOOOHOOOOO
August 15th, 2005  
hell i was born and raised in newyork for 15 years and i hate the Yankees

im not big on base ball cause of "juice" i prefer Nascar.. sounds verry red neck but its like the only sport you can juice and it doesnt have much efect on a race, and nascar keep all the cars in ordor sop no ones has any thing super on their cars
August 18th, 2005  
NASCAR has its own issues (1960's and 1970's engine technology?), but it's fun to watch.

I still talk about the catch Jeter made against the Red Sox on 01 JUL 2004 at Yankee Stadium. The catch itself wasn't that special, but the fact he went flying into the stands afterwards (and that he probably knew that he'd have to fly into the stands) is what made it so good.

Then again, David Wright (the Mets' 3B) has been making a name for himself these days with his crazy antics in the field...